Windows 8.1 Released and Available for Download

Windows 8.1, the long awaited updated to Microsoft's latest OS, is now available through their App Store as an update. Why they didn't just do it through the traditional System Update is a bit confusing but it's in the App Store. I have had the preview installed for a week or so and really like it. A lot of the problems that people had with Windows 8 are fixed, to an extent, with 8.1. A few notable changes, for desktop users, is the ability to boot directly into your desktop rather than the tiles. I love that feature and it should have been in from the beginning. They also brought back the Windows button in the bottom left though it does not bring up the traditional Start menu it instead brings up the tiles. Tiles have been improved as well giving better customization of tile size and even naming columns. Backgrounds and customization all around the OS has improved. For the most part I think that it is a solid improvement and fixed on a lot of the issues people had when trying out the new Windows 8. I've always liked the OS and think that if you are put off by the tiles and radical change to the operating system that you take some time and play with it. Windows 8 is really fun and works really well and fast. One very important note. If you installed the preview and want to get the real version of Windows 8.1 they are suggesting that you re-install Windows 8 with your original key and then upgrade. They say that they are having a hard time verifying old keys without having the original Windows 8 installed. That's it. If you are on your Windows 8 machine now you can upgrade to Windows 8.1 by clicking that link.