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How to Watch Streams in VLC Player

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How to Watch Streams in VLC Player

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Eric Saupe
·Nov 2, 2014·

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VLC Player has a neat feature that allows you to watch high quality streams. Here is a small list of how to watch them.
  1. Download VLC Player (if you don't already have it)
  2. Open Network Stream (Ctrl + N on Windows)
  3. Copy and paste the link address
  4. Hit Go
If you are having lag issues:
  1. Go to VLC Preferences -> Select Show All
  2. Then go to Preferences -> Input/Codecs -> set Network Caching to 5000ms or more
If that doesn't help try a lower bitrate or quality by switching the 4500 in the link address to 3000, ipad, 1600, iphone, or 800. Link to Reddit Post
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