World Cup 2014 Prediction App


2 min read

With the World Cup draw just getting over, and the United States bracing for a tough group, I am pleased to announce a small project I have been working on in my spare time, a World Cup Prediction App (if you have a better name for it please email me)! My wife wanted a way to get her family more into the World Cup. Since they are big American football and basketball fans they are familiar with brackets and tournaments. I decided to make a simple website that allows people to create World Cup predictions to compete with others. This app is still in very early days. Most of the images are placeholders and the scoring system and group creation is still in the works. You can sign up now to get updates on the app as it develops as well as create your predictions right now. Just create an account and login. Then click Brackets at the top and New Bracket. Enter a name for your bracket and submit. Now you can select the winners of the groups and the winners of each match by simply clicking their name. This is also all open source so if you want to keep up on updates or leave feedback/bugs head on over the the project's GitHub page or send an email to I will post more about the app as it gets updated but in the mean time please feel free to create an account and click around. The address is currently at but once a name is chosen I will change that.