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How to Install Komodo Edit on Ubuntu

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·Oct 21, 2013·

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My IDE of choice for developing lately has been Komodo Edit. It's lighter than Eclipse and does what I need it to do. Installing and updating on most OS's is easy but on my Ubuntu installation I always have to do a few more tricks to make everything work just right. This post is to help me remember exactly the steps of installing and updating so that I don't need to Google it every time.
  1. Download the latest version of Komodo Edit
  2. tar xvzf Komodo-Edit-8.5.2-13850-linux-x86.tar.gz Update this to your downloaded version
  3. cd Komodo-Edit-8.5.2-13850-linux-x86
  4. sudo ./
  5. When prompted for installation location enter /opt/Komodo-Edit-8/
  6. If you already have Komodo Edit installed in that location run sudo rm -r /opt/Komodo-Edit-8/ to uninstall it first.
  7. export PATH="/opt/Komodo-Edit-8/bin:$PATH"
  8. Search for it in your Dash and all should be good.
Hope this helps someone else, I know it will help me.
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