Computer Science Education Week

Growing up I was always interested in computers. I helped put parts in computers and install programs as young as five or six. As I went to school I always knew I wanted to do something with computers. Sadly, I wasn't able to take any computer related classes in middle school or high school because they simply were not offered. I would have loved to take a computer science course before going to college to better prepare myself for the challenges that it brings. Luckily, there is a group trying to change that. Between December 9-15, 2013 is Computer Science Education Week organized by Their goal is to promote computer science education. They've done a great job getting celbrities to back the cause and made a great YouTube video that you can see on this page and their site. Computer science is not just for those who want to program. Computer science is all about solving complex problems and critical thinking. The solutions computer scientists come up with are manifest through a computer program but anyone can benefit from being a better problem solver. Taking time to learn to program just a little bit will help you better see solutions to complex problems and understand how many of your favorite programs work and function. Take time to program today or teach someone else. The Computer Science Education Week website has a lot of great tutorials for anyone new to computer science. If you already have experience but want to practice a bit more, head on over to GitHub and find an open-source project that interests you and contribute.