Bootstrap 3 RC1

Creating our new site required a better base. We chose to use the popular Bootstrap CSS engine to unify our CSS and help us get things started quickly. After using Bootstrap 2.3.2 for nearly three months Bootstrap 3 was released. We had hoped that the update would not affect our code base but we were wrong. Nearly everything has changed in our styling. Bootstrap 3 has gone for a mobile-first approach making even the basic framework responsive. This is great for most developers, and even for us, because we can make wonderful sites that look and feel great on all platforms. Our company had talked about wanting mobile versions of applications but we had put that on the back burner as many of our applications involve data entry. Converting our project to use Bootstrap 3 has been a headache due to changes to simple classes that were used before but we are moving forward and should have things squared away by tomorrow. The site looks cleaner, runs faster, and works on mobile already. All in all it has been for the best but the headache will continue probably through the rest of the week as we smash all the bugs related to their new JavaScript and CSS. Let me know if you're using it and what you think about the changes.